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Found in 1990,Jiangsu Huada Chemical Group Co.,Ltd.

located in changzhou binjiang chemical zone,is a hi-

tech enterprise of Jiangsu Province,company products are mainly for the naphthalene series intermediates...



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Founded in 1990, Jiangsu Huada Chemical Group Co。, Ltd。 is located in Binjiang Chemical Industry Park, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province。 It is a high-tech enterprise in the province。 The company's pro


Social Responsibility

The company pursues the concept

of social responsibility of “promoting

responsible care and creating ...

Management Concept

Strengthen process control and promote

continuous improvement of the quality

management system.

Research center

Based on continuous improvement of

the company's product quality, heavy

Focus on new cleaning processes ...

Naphthalene series


Core products: naphthol, naphthylamine, PA...

Naphthalene series


Core products: naphthol, naphthylamine, PA...

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